How to Remove My Inbox Helper (Best Removal Guide)

Symptoms of My Inbox Helper infection: is a parasitic Browser Hijacker may show numerous annoying advertisements is installed without your consent will replace (hijack) your browser homepage may spread lots of spyware and adware parasites violates your privacy and compromises your security
7.My Inbox Helper Virus comes to targeted PC without notification
8.My Inbox Helper Virus displays suspicious Outdated Browser Detected alert
9.My Inbox Helper Virus may slow down your computer speed
10.My Inbox Helper Virus probably takes other PC threats to your system if you try to click its OK button and update your browser

How My Inbox Helper gets on your PC?
As a rule, My Inbox Helper is distributed via malicious websites and spam emails. Sometimes, it is also bundled with freeware programs, and it is even more frequent. You should bear in mind that there are many freeware developers who agree to include some optional installs into their installators for gaining revenue. You can check if there is any by selecting Custom or Advanced installation type. Also, you should read every installation step and the EULA and decline the installation of suspicious components once it becomes possible.

How My Inbox Helper is dangerous for the system?

This fake malware application is worthless and fake, it only hampers the system performance:

1)It gets automatically installed to your system.
2)It makes the system performance slow.
3)It may add additional malware and spyware to the infected system.
4)It creates a bitmap file and changes the desktop of the infected system.
5)It violates security settings of the system.
6)It displays false security alerts.

This counterfeit malware application is responsible for creating many problems. Remove My Inbox Helper as soon as it is detected on the system. It can be removed manually but manual removal of this program is cumbersome and time taking and requires lots of intention as any mistake can cause permanent damage to the system. You can also go for automatic removal using third party software. It not detects and removes security threats by scanning but also enhance system performance.

What is My Inbox Helper?

My Inbox Helper is suspicious domain which is widely spreaded all across the world and usually attacks computers with windows operating system. This very infection often interrupts in the working of Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox like browser and hacks them completely, due to this, cyber experts have reported this threat as one of the most dangerous browser hijacker. It is a destructive threat which replaces homepage of the affected computer and will present itself as a default page. Upon insertion, My Inbox Helper will get added with the new tab window or appear on the same window when you open any website. This very infection has been introduced by the cyber crooks basically to gain control on victim user’s browsing activities and also to increase web traffic on malicious sites which generate revenue for them. Right after getting infected with My Inbox Helper, you will have troubles while browsing internet and it will be quite difficult for you to to visit any legitimate websites and you will always end up worst
surfing internet.

My Inbox Helper is developed in such manner that bargains your discriminating web programs (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) working without user permission. It use to change of search results lading pages to horrible website who pay them in return to promote its horrible content. Every of time when you try to search any of things, show unused list items. Usually what it does that establish unsupported connection and allow more Internet stuff to settle down which cause your web programs useless.

Generally My Inbox Helper issue and problems generate when users allow permission to install application from fake overhauls website, open or download attachment which come from unknown name in your spam folder. Specially it traverse the browser settings in such manner that redirection happen to same web page again and again. Cyber hoodlums sole intention to increase visitor traffic for such particular website and make income. Thus suggested to look for solution to remove My Inbox Helper instantly from your PC.

Guide to Remove My Inbox Helper Redirect Virus

The redirect virus will not only affect how your web browser works, but also compromise your privacy. Hence, you should remove it as quickly as possible. However, not every user has the luck to get rid of this redirect virus once for all. you can try the following methods:

Method 1: Follow the Steps to Manually Remove the Redirect Virus.
Method 2: Use SpyHunter to Automatically Remove the Redirect Virus.
Method 3: Remove My Inbox Helper using Norton Security.
Method 4: Delete My Inbox Helper browser hijacker with STOPzilla Free AntiMalware.

Note: The manual removal is a task of high complexity and risk. Any mistake during the process may result in irreparable system damage. If you are a novice PC user, we highly recommend using a professional malware removal tool to get rid of the redirect virus. It is easier, quicker and more effective. Click and download a Spyhunter now.


Method 1: Follow the Steps to Manually Remove the Redirect Virus.

Step 1: Remove add-ons related to My Inbox Helper.

Internet Explorer:
1. Open Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon and select Manage Add-ons.


2. Click on “Toolbars and Extensions”, look for any add-ons related to the redirect virus and remove them.

Google Chrome:
1. Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (top right corner) and select “Tools” > Extensions.


2. Look for any add-ons related to My Inbox Helper redirect virus and click the trash icon on the right to delete them.

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Mozilla Firefox, click on the menu icon and select “Add-ons”.


2. Select any add-ons related to the redirect virus and delete them.

Step 2: Remove the files associated with My Inbox Helper redirect virus from your PC.
1. Start Control Panel, click on Appearance and Personalization link.

2. Then click on Folder Options.
3. Under the View tab, tick “Show hidden files, folders and drives” and non-tick “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). And then hit OK.


4. Then in the local disk C, look for and delete any files associated with the redirect virus.

Step 3: Remove any registry entries related to the redirect virus.
1. Press Windows + R keys together and type “regedit” into the Run box, and then hit OK to open the Registry Editor.


2. Click on File and search for the registry entries relevant to the redirect virus, and remove them all from your PC.


Method 2: Use SpyHunter to Automatically Remove the Redirect Virus.

SpyHunter is a powerful malware removal tool which serves to help detect and remove various malware like redirect viruses, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, adware, spyware, ransomware, etc. Now you can automatically clean up My Inbox Helper redirect virus by following the steps below:


Step 1: Click on the download button below and save the file to your desktop. Then, run the downloaded file and proceed to download the SpyHunter installer.
Step 2: Once the SpyHunter installer is completely downloaded, select the language to proceed with the installation. After that accept the SpyHunter terms and wait till the installation finishes. Click the “Finish” button and you will see the home page of SpyHunter.
Step 3: Now click on “Scan Computer Now” to scan the system for My Inbox Helper redirect virus and any other related computer threats.


Step 4: Once the scanning completes, SpyHunter will list all the detected threats residing in the system. Then, you need to remove all of the threats by clicking “Fix Threats” button.

Method 3: Remove My Inbox Helper using Norton Security.


Norton Security is part of Symantec’s all-new 2015 product lineup, which has been greatly simplified compared to previous years. Gone are Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 and Norton 360 Multi-Device. Customers now have a choice between Norton Security and Norton Security with Backup.


Norton Security protects all your devices no matter what they are: PC, Mac?, tablet, smartphone. You don’t need to buy different security products for different devices. And as a user you don’t have to worry about what happens behind the scenes on these devices; your data and privacy are always safe.

Video Show: Review: Norton Security

Here are the steps to install Norton Security using the offline installation kits:


Method 4: Delete My Inbox Helper browser hijacker with STOPzilla Free AntiMalware.

STOPzilla Free Antivirus is the premier AntiVirus/AntiMalware product in the industry. It can operate as your primary defense against Viruses, Malware, and other threats, or work cooperatively with your currently installed PC security software without affecting your computer’s performance. Thus, you could protect your pc with the steps below.

1.Download STOPzilla Antivirus utility from the button below:


(This will automatically download the STOPzilla Antivirus utility on your computer)

2. Once STOPzilla Antivirus has finished downloading, please double-click on its icon to run and install it.

If Windows prompts you as to whether or not you wish to run STOPzilla Antivirus, please allow it to run.


3. Click “Scan Now” button to have a full or quick scan on your PC.

Please be patient as this can take a while to complete (up to 10 minutes) depending on your system’s specifications.


4. While the STOPzilla Antivirus scanning is completed, this utility will display a log with the malicious files and registry keys that will be removed from your computer.

5. Select the detected malicious files after your scanning.


6. Click “Purge” button on the right side to remove all threats.


My Inbox Helper is a malicious browser hijack redirect virus that attacks the target computer without PC user’s consent and knowledge. Once it has installed on your computer with success, it will put your computer in a high-risk situation of being attacked by cyber criminals. The hijacker can get into the infected computer to damage the security tools, steal information and personal data for illegal purpose. If you ignore this browser hijack redirect and keep it inside your system for a long time, it will create opportunities for other virus infection like Trojan horse and rogue program to sneak into the infected computer, which will cause further computer problems. This website can not help PC user get reliable search results at all. It is just a dangerous site which makes a lot of chaos. It is suggested that should remove this My Inbox Helper hijacker virus it as quickly as to avoid further damage.

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