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What is Mute Tabs Button?

Mute Tabs Button pretends to help computer users make health plans for every day. But it messes up the target system in the contrary. The pesky program is regarded as a potentially unwanted adware program which aims to promote various products and services for illegal income. It’s kindly advised to remove the adware infection timely. Or you’ll suffer a lot from chaos and inconvenience. Mute Tabs Button will hide in suspicious links, unverified free downloads and spam email attachments to enter the target system. Once it finishes its infiltration, the adware will begin its harmful actions. For example, it makes changes to system boot-up setting. As a result, it activates automatically and stealthily each time you turn on the computer. Besides, the malware takes up most CPU usage and slows down the entire PC performance seriously. You’ll encounter sudden frozen processes at times. Moreover, Mute Tabs Button will install new add-ons to the web browser without your consent. It then takes over Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari with numerous and various
ads. It’s kindly advised not to click on any nasty pop-up. Or you could provide chances for additional threats to further damage the system. All in all, the earlier you remove Mute Tabs Button, the better it will be.

Since Mute Tabs Button is a typical adware program, it possesses all nasty features like other adware programs. It’s very easy to notice its existence, as it will immediately generate ad banners, pop-up ads and in-text advertisements once it’s installed into your computer system. In order to make more money, Mute Tabs Button will display some misleading information to deceive or scare you to click on those ads and download more useless adware programs or even computer threats. It’s useless to block these pop-up ads, for Mute Tabs Button can still run in the background and perform its malicious activities. Therefore, for sake of your privacy and peaceful life, it’s necessary for you to follow the removal steps and remove Mute Tabs Button as soon as you can.

Issues Caused by Mute Tabs Button?

1. Your browsers are flooded with a lot of pop-up ads when you are online.
2. The network speed becomes slower and the browser crashes sometimes.
3. You are constantly redirected to websites that promote all kinds of products or services.
4. Your computer gets infected by other types of malware when you are redirected to unwanted sites.
5. Many unknown toolbars are installed onto your browsers, which brings more pop-up ads.
6. Your browsing data and other personal information may be collected and sent to unknown people.

How to fully Remove Mute Tabs Button virus from Windows?

As many virus, Mute Tabs Button is not easy to be removed by manual. Most of you are not able to directly remove this virus. But you could follow the Mute Tabs Button removal guides as following. And there are 2 ways to totally get rid of it.

Method 1: Remove the related plug-ins from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.(Download Malware Removal Tool)

Method 2: Remove Mute Tabs Button with malware removal tool called SpyHunter.(Download Malware Removal Tool)


Note: If you suspect that there are more other unwanted programs on your PC or your computer speed becomes slow drastically, we suggest you use a professional malware removal tool to perform a quick scan of the system. If any threats are found, you need to clear them immediately and your PC will become clean again.


Method 1: Remove the related plug-ins from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

Delete Mute Tabs Button from Internet Explorer

1.Right-click the IE shortcut and choose Properties.
2.Go to Shortcut tab and find the Target line.
3.Delete the text that is written after iexplore.exe” and click OK.
4.Launch your browser and press Alt+T.
5.Choose Manage Add-ons and move to Search providers.


6.Choose the unwanted engine and click Remove.
7.Click Close and press Alt+T again.
8.Select Options and go to General tab.
9.Change the Home Page and click OK.


Video Show: How to remove browser add-ons

Remove Mute Tabs Button from Mozilla Firefox

1.Right-click the Firefox shortcut and choose go to Properties.
2.Move to Shortcut tab and find the Target.
3.Erase the text after firefox.exe” and Click OK.
4.Open Mozilla Firefox and go to search box.
5.Click the search provider icon and choose Manage Search Engines.


6.Find the suspicious engine and remove it.
7.Click OK.
8.Press Alt+T and select Options.
9.Move to General tab and choose Home Page.
10.Replace the current Home Page with your preferred one.


11.Click OK.

Delete Mute Tabs Button from Google Chrome

1.Right-click the Chrome shortcut and go to Properties.
2.Choose Shortcut tab and move to Target line.
3.Delete the text after chrome.exe” and click OK.
4.Launch Chrome and tap Alt+T.
5.Go to Settings and check Open a specific page or set of pages.
6.Choose Set pages and change the given default URL to your preferred one.


7.Click OK.
8.Under Appearance mark Show Home button and select Change.
9.Change the provided URL with the one you prefer and click OK.
10.Under Search choose Manage search engines and find the URL of the unwanted engine.


11.Click X and delete it.
12.Click Done.

Method 2: Remove Mute Tabs Button with malware removal tool called SpyHunter.(Download Now)

1)Download Removal Tool to automatically remove Mute Tabs Button.
Click Here To Download Mute Tabs Button Removal Tool.

2)Click “Malware Scan” button to have a full or quick scan on your PC after you properly install SpyHunter.

3)Select the detected malicious files after your scanning.

4)Click “Remove” button on the right side to remove all threats.

Video on how to remove adware:

Note: Recently, the adware problems have become very common. Mute Tabs Button is an annoying browser hijacker. Once you notice Mute Tabs Button is in your computer, you should take actions as soon as possible to remove it completely. The manual removal is quite complicated and it may crash your system if you implement incorrectly. So, using a good antivirus tool is helpful for you to remove Mute Tabs Button completely.



As the above mentioned, the Mute Tabs Button is a hazardous computer infection that should be removed from the computer early. It comes bundled with other computer threats and helps some unwanted freeware get installed in the computer secretly. It affects the system performance and functions of executable programs. Consequently, users experience system stuck and constant freezes when you play games, surf the web and watch videos online and so forth. With this browser adware, random popups and redirection will occur to net users during Internet searches. Besides, the adware may change your browser homepage and other settings, making you extremely annoyed.

Steps To Prevent Windows Computer in Future.

To combat your Windows system from future attack of Mute Tabs Button infection or other type of malicious threats you need to be careful about your system health. You must keep several provision as well safeguard and make your system virus free. Here are some of the precautions you can use are:
Make use of the anti-spyware programs on your system and update it regularly.
Keep on changing your email or other passwords time to time and every time and try to make strong passwords.
Whenever you are working on the Internet refrain from clicking on the sponsored links, sponsors or deals.
You must be careful while reading the junk emails and spam mail attachments.
Don’t get trapped by the bogus ads or coupons and avoid free software downloads.
Update the Windows based operating system from the Microsoft’s website.
Increase the security level of your web browser.
Refrain from opening of emails attachments and web links from unknown source.
Refrain from running unknown executable programs.
Then delete the Junk emails from your inbox and NEVER reply to them.
Block the source IP addresses of the SPAM emails.
Pay great caution when downloading the files from internet.

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